sexta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2017

A great light, the virgin Mary

In my childhood, the Catholic Church predominated in Brazil. There was a great prejudice against other religions, especially the spiritist. Despite everything I saw, I opted for silence before my family and community. Time has passed and it was even for things to have changed in the face of so many scientific advances, but in practice it is not quite like that. There is still a gigantic prejudice with people who are different from most. In search of bringing light to the confrontations that I have faced since always, I studied and studied everything that gives me base to the phenomena that surround me. The vivid memories I have of places I have never been, even in space, of people I deeply love without ever known screens, even accepted that it really can be something related to the "collective memory of the cell." However, it does not explain phenomena with physical and witnessing evidence that occurred around me. Once it was night and I dreamed of a ball of light coming towards me, suddenly there was a big explosion in the room. I woke up scared and searched the house for what had caused the explosion. Frustrated that I could not find anything, I went back to sleep. In the morning, my wife, who always left a glass of water in the room for her to drink if she felt thirsty, shows me the glass with a perfectly cylindrical hole in the side, as if it had been made that way. We did not find any traces of broken glass or the object that pierced it. The glass was stored as evidence of the unusual, but people prefer to believe it is a trot. Days later, next to the glass, I started to hear a loud noise from a waterfall, to make sure that it was not just me who heard several people come to my house and heard the same thing. The water was heard, but physically there was no water. The next day, when the noise of the water was heard, the image of the virgin Mary appeared, which was seen by several people. A few days later the image of nothingness disappeared and no one saw it. Successively without any proof of this we met on other occasions, as his light blinded me, automatically fell to his knees and stared at the ground without daring to face it. A few days later, the fig tree farm located in the city of Carmo, in the interior of Minas Gerais (now known as the light community), a place I helped to build with my hands and sweat, has apparitions of the virgin and even today attracts hundreds of pilgrims . The apparitions are frequent and have a day and an hour marked.

Lúcifer, o projetista

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